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New Paintings

Jose Nieves' current work seeks to express the power and magnificence of coastal storms and the impact of weather and season upon the littoral.


"We wanted a unique and special wedding present - Jose created the most amazing painting which captured my sister and brother-in-law perfectly in terms of their home and their life together."

This commission depicted a composite of some of the hobbies, objects and property which comprised the couple's life together.

Painted in acrylic on canvas, it was the result of close collaboration between the artist and the family giving the present.




Acrylic boat image Solar etching boat image


Jose Nieves is happy to undertake commissions.

Why not give a picture as a personal and unique gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. A boating enthusiast, for example, might appreciate a picture of their boat. A picture of a house, a favourite coastal scene or of personal mementoes might also be an interesting gift idea.

Contact with details of what you would like.


Jose Nieves is happy to execute portraits, in paint or in pastel, full length or otherwise and using photographs as a basis if necessary.